Advocacy in Action

During the January 7 Jim Stern Legislative Day program, policy analysts Colin Grinnell and David Ruff noted that California conformity with TCJA provisions, one of our talking points this year, doesn’t have many natural advocates in the state despite its importance. They further emphasized CSEA’s important role in tax policy, commenting that Enrolled Agents at legislative days like this one are the only people who can get the ball rolling on sound tax policy measures.
As a result of our efforts that day, we piqued the interest of several legislators who were eager to have us follow up with their offices to inform future policy debates on all of our talking points. Just days after our legislative visits, newly installed Governor Gavin Newsom stated in his Budget press conference that there was a need for tax conformity in select areas.
Thanks to CSEA Members' hard work walking the hallways of the Capitol, Jim Stern Legislative Day provided tangible impact for Enrolled Agents. Our advocacy drum beat is strong across California, and it is because of the CSEA Members who have contributed to grassroots efforts.
The lasting connections we make at events like Jim Stern Legislative Day produce fruitful results when we need to address complicated issues, such as our recent advocacy victory with the administrative dissolution of non-profit entities. To continue working on the TCJA/California conformity issues, CSEA has reached out to CalTax, CalChamber and CalCPA to discuss interest in working together to get conformity on key items.

We hope that you continue to carry the torch for Enrolled Agents in the future, and as always CSEA is here to support you as you spread the message of the positive impact of America’s Tax Experts! Members can find the following resources on the CSEA website: