FTB Hosts Annual Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing December 3

On Tuesday, December 3, CSEA and other stakeholder groups gave their testimony at the annual Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing, which accompanies FTB’s December Board meeting. CSEA brought two issues this year: the continuing issues with federal conformity for itemized deductions; and uncertainty over the upcoming California Individual Healthcare Mandate. Other topics included ongoing struggles with FTB and other agency websites, as well as implementation of the recent AB 5, individual contractor classification rules. The most important piece of information that came out of the meeting is that FTB is working with Covered California to provide informational materials that will be mailed out to eligible recipients, regarding exemptions available to individuals and penalties associated with failing to get coverage by the January 1 deadline. While Covered California is handling communications about the mandate, FTB has several resources for both taxpayers and tax professionals. The best resource is their healthcare mandate web page. FTB has also provided two additional updates, including a blog about the topic in the December 2019 Tax News, in addition to a recent news release detailing important dates. Click here to read CSEA’s formal letter to FTB in its entirety. If you have any additional questions, please email Brian Pedersen, CSEA’s Advocacy and Governance Coordinator.