Nevada Society of EAs Lawsuit Status Update

On July 6, 2018, District Court Judge James Wilson ruled in favor of the Enrolled Agents’ right to practice. Nevada Society of Enrolled Agents (NVSEA) President Janet Vick, EA has provided a status update on the battle to preserve the rights of EAs in Nevada.
Attention Friends of Nevada Society of Enrolled Agents (NVSEA),
The Judge has declared the law unconstitutional as applied to Enrolled Agents. The injunction is now permanent and the State is prohibited from “taking any action to enforce NRS 240A against any person or entity that is an approved Enrolled Agent under Circular 230.”
Once the Judge’s written ruling was delivered via process server to the Attorney General’s office, the State has 30 days to decide if it is going to appeal. The clock runs out on the Attorney General’s option to appeal at midnight on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. If the Attorney General appeals Judge Wilson’s ruling, NvSEA is going to the Nevada Supreme Court.
We will of course advise you immediately if an appeal is filed.
Janet A. Vick, EA
NVSEA President