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9/20/2018SeminarTax Cuts & Jobs Act - The Details & Latest DevelopmentsBrass TaxOntarioInland EmpireSouth-Central ValleyIEBT092018
9/20/2018Afternoon MeetingNapa Networking Meeting Napa, CASolano-NapaNorth StateSNAP092018
9/20/2018Evening MeetingBig Bang Tax Planning Under the New Tax LawL PonDaly CityGolden GateNorth StateGG092018
9/20/2018Evening MeetingQualified Business Income Deduction - NovatoJ LeetNovatoNorth BayNorth StateNBNO092018
9/20/2018Evening MeetingThe Tax Cuts & Jobs Act - Real Estate & Cost Segregation SacramentoSacramento ValleyNorth StateSAC092018
9/20/2018Evening MeetingFarm Sweet Farm: Differences in Tax Rules for AgribusinessL BoussardStockton, CABig ValleyNorth StateBV092018
9/21/2018SEE ClassEnrolled Agent Exam Program - Golden Gate San Mateo, CAGolden GateNorth StateSEEGG2018
9/21/2018Morning MeetingAntioch/Brentwood Small Tax Group BrentwoodEast BayNorth StateEBAB092118
9/21/2018Morning MeetingLivermore Small Tax Group Meeting LivermoreEast BayNorth StateEBLM092118
9/22/2018SEE ClassSpecial Enrollment Exam Review Course (SEE) - CNCO San Luis ObispoCentral CoastCentral CoastSEECNCO18
9/22/2018SeminarBalance Sheets and P&Ls & EthicsF Jager & S AmaralCampbellMissionCentral CoastMIS092518
9/24/2018SeminarState Tax Agencies Liaison Meeting (STALM) 2018 RegistrationFTB, SOS, EDD, TFASacramento, CA North StateSTALM18
9/25/2018Evening MeetingEthics: Filing Separate in a Community Property StateC LeachmooreFairfieldSolano-NapaNorth StateSNFF092518
9/27/2018SEE ClassEnrolled Agent Exam Preparation - Mission  MissionCentral CoastSEEMISS18
9/28/2018SEE ClassEnrolled Agent Exam Preparation - Sacramento Valley  Sacramento ValleyNorth StateSACSEE2018
9/28/2018Morning MeetingAntioch/Brentwood Small Tax Group BrentwoodEast BayNorth StateEBAB092818
9/28/2018Morning MeetingLivermore Small Tax Group Meeting LivermoreEast BayNorth StateEBLM092818
9/29/2018SeminarMortgage Interest Tracing & Calculating BasisA PinckCampbellMissionCentral CoastMIS092918
9/29/2018SEE ClassSpecial Enrollment Exam Preparation - South BayThompson, Davis, & BacaTorrance CASouth BaySouth StateSEESB72018
9/30/2018SEE ClassEnrolled Agent Exam Preparation - San Diego  San DiegoSouth StateSEESD0818