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7/15/2020Webinar - 2 hoursTax Planning for Rental Owners Webinar - San Gariel ValleyThomas A. Gorczynski, EA, CTC, USTCPWebinarSan Gabriel ValleySouth StateSGV011819
7/16/2020Webinar - 2 hoursInterest Income & Expense Webinar- PalomarJane Ryder, EA, CPAWebinarPalomarSouth StatePALJULY20
7/18/2020Webinar - 4 HoursIRA and Retirement Tax Planning under the CARES Act WebinarLarry Pon, CPA, EAWebinarMissionCentral CoastMISSEM2020
7/19/2020Online EventSmall Group Networking Online - LivermoreDiscussion GroupOnlineEast BayNorth StateEBLV102618
7/21/2020Webinar - 2 hoursWhen a Loved One Has Died Webinar - Orange CountyFrank Acuna, Esq.WebinarOrange CountySouth StateOCSEM0720
7/21/2020Webinar - 2 hoursFighting the IRS and FTB in an Audit WebinarCindy Ho, Esq.WebinarMissionCentral CoastMISMM0721
7/21/2020Webinar - 4 HoursForm 1041 - Under the Hood Webinar - Orange CountyFrank Acuna, Esq.WebinarOrange CountySouth StateOCMM0720
7/21/2020WebinarStreamlined IRS Audit Rules for Partnerships Webinar- NovatoSteven L. Walker, AttorneyWebinarNorth BayNorth StateMIS011620
7/21/2020Webinar - 2 hoursEthics Webinar - Los AngelesAbe Carnow, CPAWebinarLos AngelesCentral CoastLA021219
7/25/2020Webinar - 4 HoursFiling Sep. & 199A Issues for Reg. Domestic Prtnrs WebinarCynthia Leachmoore, EAWebinarMissionCentral CoastMIS199ASEM
7/28/2020OnlineSmall Group Networking Event Online - OaklandDiscussion GroupOnlineEast BayNorth StateEBCV122518
8/6/2020Webinar - 2 hoursEDD Audits Webinar - Channel IslandsMarie Davis, Esq.WebinarChannel IslandsCentral CoastCIJULY2020
8/8/2020Webinar - 4 HoursA Practical Understanding About Form 706 WebinarSteven L. Walker, Esq.WebinarMissionNorthern CAMISSEM0820
8/11/2020Webinar - 2 hoursEducational Webinar - Los AngelesTBAWebinarLos AngelesCentral CoastLA052020
8/12/2020Webinar - 2 hoursCalifornia Update Webinar - Central CoastLynn Freer, EA Central CoastCentral CoastCNCO0520
8/13/2020SEE ClassEA Exam Prep On-Demand Self-Study - Orange CountyLisa Ihm, EA & Ryan Reichert, EAWebinarOrange CountySouth StateORAB082318
8/18/2020Webinar - 2 hours199A Rental Rules & Qualified Business Income WebinarTony Martinez, EASan JoseMissionCentral CoastMISMM81820
8/19/2020Dinner MtgEducational Event - PalomarGary QuackenbushEscondidoPalomarSouth StatePALMAY2020
8/19/2020SEE ClassEA Exam Prep - Golden GateNorman Golden, EASan Mateo, CAGolden GateNorth StateSEEGG2018
8/22/2020Webinar - 4 HoursStock Options WebinarRob Lee, CPAWebinarMissionCentral CoastMISSEM0822