Bylaws Changes Approved by Membership

President Joyce Cheng has announced that CSEA Members approved the proposed changes to the Bylaws. She thanked all those who participated in the voting process. The final voter turnout was 21% of all Voting Members and the vote was certified at 355 eligible votes after elimination of duplicate votes, unregistered voting keys, and lack of dual membership status. The official results of the electronic ballot are as follows:

  • Total number of eligible votes: 355
  • Votes needed for a 2/3 majority: 237
  • Votes cast In Favor: 253
  • Votes cast Against: 102

Going forward, all California-based Enrolled Agents who join CSEA will have the right to vote and participate in leadership roles at the Chapter and state level. Those who previously joined CSEA under the CA EA Associate category will be converted to regular Member status. The newly revised Bylaws have been posted to the Governance Documents page.