General Details

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Registration includes:
» Total of 48 hours of CE
» 24 hours of live CE offered over 3 days - choice of two topics per session
» Self-study for CE included for all sessions (available late August)
» 2 hour bonus session with IRS on Monday, June 19
» Video recordings and materials library for all sessions

Group Discounts

Each person will receive a discount based on total number of people registering at the same time. All registrants must be employed at the same firm and registration request must be submitted on a group registration form, which will be available starting on February 17. Prior to submitting group form, each person being registered must have or create a user account with their correctly-spelled name, email address and PTIN/CTEC numbers as applicable. Note: Group registration rates began after the end of the Super Saver rate period; these two discount options do not stack.

  • 3-4 people: $20 discount per person
  • 5-7 people: $30 discount per person
  • 8 or more: $40 discount per person


To qualify:

  • Must be submitted using this online form
  • Through April 27 at midnight: full refund
  • April 28 through June 1 at midnight: $50 processing fee
  • No refunds after June 1


Between "locations" (online to in-person, or in-person to online):

  • Must notify CSEA by midnight on June 1
  • Transfer fee is $25
  • Refund or amount due between original amount paid and new registration will be based on date of transfer request
  • Must be submitted using this online form

Between registrants (from one person to another):

  • Registration can be transferred from one person to another at no cost.