The Path to Success

This is not a self-study program. Few people succeed at going it alone. This is not a “sit in class and tell me everything” program. Our brains don’t hold onto information that way.

This is the kind of program where you commit time each week to go online and read the lesson, take the quiz, and fill out the practice tax form, so that when you come to the weekly class you can ask questions and talk about the parts that are hard to understand. And because we use an online platform, your instructors will know you’ve done the work, and they’ll see where students need help.

This is the kind of program that prepares you to be a tax professional.

Online Learning Materials

CSEA has partnered with Latino Tax Pro to offer students the Prendo365 learning platform, which includes materials in both English and Spanish, as online e-books, downloadable PDFs, and video slide presentations. Interactive quizzes enhance the learning process. This program provides 45 hours of Federal tax education and 15 hours of California tax education (a total of 60 hours of education), and meets the qualifying education requirement for CTEC.

Standard registration includes access to all digital materials and virtual/online instruction needed to complete the course. Digital materials include an e-textbook provided in the Prendo365 learning management system. If you would like to order a physical textbook, please contact LTP for ordering assistance.

Live Instruction

This is a 10-week program. We use the Zoom meeting format, and classes are taught by a group of experienced Enrolled Agents dedicated to training our students. All classes are taught in English; limited bilingual assistance is available.

Classes will be held on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9:30 pm Pacific time.  View the schedule »

Support for Your Journey

If you plan to work as a tax preparer in California, you must register with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC). Among the steps and requirements for CTEC registration are a background check and Live Scan fingerprint procedure. You can learn more about the steps required for CTEC registration here. CSEA will help you understand the requirements and timing for CTEC registration.

If you are not planning to work in California, CSEA’s basic tax program will provide you with a solid foundation for entering the tax profession in any unregulated state.

Additionally, students of the basic tax program are provided with a free CSEA Associate membership during the annual membership year they attend classes. Take advantage of all the networking and learning opportunities that CSEA has to offer when you participate in the program!

Additionally, as a student in the CSEA basic tax program, you will be given free membership until June 30, 2025 so that you can take advantage of all the networking and learning opportunities that CSEA has to offer.


Price including all materials: $599 through July 9, 2024
($675 after July 9)

If you have already purchased the current version of Latino Tax Pro's 60-hour program, the cost to add live instruction is $369, through July 9, 2024
($445 after July 9)