Cybersecurity and Your Safety

Artificial intelligence may be the latest hot topic, but when it comes to your cybersecurity, scammers and social engineers still account for most nefarious intrusions into virtual spaces. However, humans are not only your biggest challenge, but also your best defense. Your ability to recognize and appropriately handle these attacks makes the biggest difference in whether your company remains safe.
If you receive phone calls, text messages, or emails that appear to be from our staff or on behalf of CSEA, we ask that you look for clues that can verify if these communications are, in fact, originating from us.
To help with this, we recommend reviewing these 22 social engineering red flags. You might also consider the benefits of comprehensive security training. Many businesses now provide annual security training. It not only protects their employees, but also helps employees stay safe in everyday life, even outside of the office.
To help you strengthen your cybersecurity, the National Institute of Standards and Technology offers free and low-cost education, training, and workforce development resources through the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. Check out their learning content offerings today.