CSEA is committed to helping anyone in the tax preparation industry to reach the highest possible levels of education and achievement in their careers.

That's why we have created an extensive EA Exam Preparation program for those wishing to become an Enrolled Agent (EA) - acquiring this prestigious designation can make a big impact on your professional life.

Some of the highlights of the program include:
Weekly, Live, Online Classes - every Wednesday evening starting on August 2, 2023. Registration will open soon!
A Powerhouse Partnership - we have partnered with Gleim to create a program that offers the best of both worlds:
o Full access to Gleim’s Premium EA Review system, which provides an online academic platform with interactive study materials, quizzes and practice exams, plus you’ll receive printed textbooks, too.
o Weekly classes will be taught by Enrolled Agent instructors to enhance the virtual study experience and bring the materials to life in the real world with experienced tax experts.

What is an Enrolled Agent?
Enrolled Agents, or EAs for short, are tax professionals who have demonstrated their competence in the major categories of taxation by passing a comprehensive three-part exam, called the Special Enrollment Exam (SEE).

EAs are granted unlimited rights by the U.S. Department of Treasury to act as the agents or legal representatives of taxpayers with all departments of the Internal Revenue Service. This right is only granted to Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and attorneys.

Why Become an Enrolled Agent?
Whether you are just starting out in your career, or you have plenty of tax preparation experience and want to take things to the next level, you should consider becoming an Enrolled Agent. Here are three of the most valuable benefits of becoming an EA:

      Prestige. The EA credential is a federal designation handed down by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This allows you to work anywhere in the country. Alternatively, CPA licensure is state-specific with certain restrictions. Clients know that enrolled agents can work across state lines.
Job Growth.
EAs enjoy steady work from individuals, tax-prep firms, law firms, accounting firms, and other corporations. Virtually everyone must pay taxes of some sort, and the ever-changing tax code means even more job security for Enrolled Agents.
Earning Potential.
When it comes to tax preparation, EAs can argue tax law, discuss audits with the IRS, deal with the IRS collections department, and make appeals. Not everyone can provide these services, which puts EAs in high demand and a position of great earning potential.

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