Legislative Action Fund (LAF)

CSEA advocates for the rights of both Enrolled Agents and taxpayers before all state and legislative and regulatory agencies year-round. While our continual advocacy efforts are aimed at legislation and regulation that protect the rights of EAs to practice in California, we also advocate for efficient and effective tax administration.

The Legislative Action Fund (LAF) was formed in 1985 to battle against legislative actions which might inhibit the rights of Enrolled Agents to practice their proven skills. Since then it has grown to include proactive efforts to promote legislation in support of the interests of EAs and their clients. Contributions to the LAF will provide much-needed additional financial support for these efforts.

In the first video below (left), Jennifer Tannehill, CSEA's Legislative Advocate, explains the important legislative and regulatory victories that were made possible by our Members’ contributions to the LAF.

Your Legislative Affairs Committee sponsored the Lve to LAF friendly competition between Chapters and Members for donations to support ongoing legislative activities. The campaign ran July 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022 and the following winners were declared: 

Personalized Chapter Banners and bragging rights awarded to:
Large Chapter (126 + members)  - Sacramento Valley
Medium Chapter (76-125 members) - Los Angeles
Small Chapter (less than 76 members) - Central Coast

Individual Winners awarded small prizes:
1st Place - Lynwood "Woody" Ford
2nd Place - Theresa Gordon
3rd Place - 5 way tie:
   David Hilliard, EA
   Susie DiMaggio, EA
   Sandy Danioth-Jones, EA
   Yvonne Kirkendall, EA
   Chris De Lorimier, EA

In the second video (right), Joyce Cheng, EA, explains the Lve to LAF details, and how YOU can get involved.  Even though the competition is officially closed, Chapters and Individuals are encouraged to continue to support the LAF on a regular basis.