Current Advocacy Issues

What's going on in Advocacy?

Independent Contracting - How Dynamex Impacts You and Your Clients 

   Many are aware that independent contracting laws were changed in April of 2018 when the California Supreme Court decided in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Supreme Court of Los Angeles to create a new standard for classifying...

California’s Individual Health Care Mandate 

   California’s new state individual health care mandate takes effect on January 1, 2020, and requires Californians to have qualifying health insurance coverage throughout the year.

CSEA Earns Huge Legislative Victory 

   CSEA is happy to report that an EA exemption to Dynamex has been amended into AB 5!

New Online Tax Guide for Local and District Taxes 

   CDTFA’s new online Local and District Tax Guide for Retailers helps retailers properly to allocate local tax and determine how district taxes apply to their business transactions.

Marketplace Facilitator Act Update 

   Per CDTFA, marketplace sellers that sell tangible merchandise through a marketplace such as an Internet website may not be responsible for the sales or use tax on those sales.

FTB September 2019 Tax News 

   FTB's September 2019 Tax News helps you stay ahead of the curve on issues that affect you and your clients.

Always on Watch - Final Suspense File Bills 

   This year, two bills that we are tracking have been put on suspense file, which is where bills costing more than $150,000 are kept while leadership determines the bills’ costs and priority level for the majority party.

FTB April 2019 Tax News 

   FTB's April 2019 Tax News helps you stay ahead of the curve on issues that affect you and your clients.

Tax Preparer Fee Disclosure Bill Will Not Affect Enrolled Agents or CPAs 

   AB 1140 would require non-enrolled preparers to disclose costs and fees being charged to clients who are claiming either CalEITC or EITC.

FTB Warns of Tax Scams 

   FTB is reminding preparers and taxpayers to take steps to protect themselves from scam artists seeking to steal refunds and identities.