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What's going on in Advocacy?

CSEA Gains Important Victory Despite Tumultuous 2020 Legislative Session 

   On Tuesday night, the California Legislature adjourned for the year after a tumultuous 2020 legislative session. While CSEA business in the Capitol was far from usual this year both from a tax policy and an EA advocacy perspective...

June 5, Legislative Update 

   Last Friday, the Senate passed two budget proposals that CSEA had been monitoring due to their important tax implications...

2020 Legislative Session Bill Review 

   The deadline to introduce new bills for consideration during the 2020 legislation session was February 21...

It’s Not Too Late to Help Your Clients Avoid the CA Healthcare Penalty 

   Health insurance may not be something you normally discuss with your clients at tax time, but it should be, now that the state...

New Special Enrollment Period 

   CSEA has been working to raise awareness of the state penalty for failure to have healthcare, which will impact uninsured taxpayers when they file their 2020 state tax returns. Over the past months, we shared concerns...

Do You Have Questions About AB 5? 

   EAs have been trying to make sense of the many confusing circumstances that Dyanmex and AB 5 have created for California taxpayers...

CSEA Opposes AB 1140 

   Although EAs are exempt from the requirements of AB 1140, the Legislative Affairs Committee is preparing a letter of opposition to Assemblymember Mark Stone's office and the Legislature. The Legislative Affairs Committee feels that the bill adversely

CSEA Sends Healthcare Mandate Information to Legislature 

   During CSEA’s annual lobby day at the Capitol on January 6, CSEA Members brought up the impending healthcare mandate to inform legislators about the tax ramifications for those who don’t receive coverage. When taxpayers file their...

FTB Hosts Annual Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing December 3 

   On Tuesday, December 3, CSEA and other stakeholder groups gave their testimony at the annual Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing, which accompanies FTB’s December Board meeting. CSEA brought two issues...

Independent Contracting - How Dynamex Impacts You and Your Clients 

   Many are aware that independent contracting laws were changed in April of 2018 when the California Supreme Court decided in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Supreme Court of Los Angeles to create a new standard for classifying...