Protect Your Professional ID Numbers

Cybercriminals sometimes post stolen EFINs, PTINs and CAF numbers on the Dark Web as a crime kit for identity thieves who can then file fraudulent tax returns. The sixth edition of the IRS' "Tax Security 101" tells you how to protect these important numbers.

Maintain your EFIN by reviewing it regularly and keeping it up to date.
Your e-file application must be updated within 30 days of any changes to individuals involved, addresses (including additional office locations), or telephone numbers.

Monitor your EFIN, PTIN and CAF numbers.
You can obtain a weekly report of the number of returns filed with your EFIN and PTIN. For PTIN holders, only EAs, CPAs, attorneys or Annual Filing Season Program participants who file 50 or more returns may obtain PTIN information.

Protect your EFIN.
The same good security habits you use to protect client data also can protect your EFIN, including strong anti-virus software, strong and unique passwords, and two-factor authentication where available.

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