FTB Last-Minute Filing Season Reminders

The October 16 deadline for most Californians to file and pay their 2022 taxes is next Monday. This extended deadline applies to 55 California counties with a federal disaster declaration related to winter storms in late 2022 and early 2023. Shasta and Modoc counties had an August 15 deadline, while Lassen County’s deadline remained April 18 because there was no disaster declaration.

FTB expects about three million more tax returns to be filed by October 16. Since disaster declarations related to last winter’s storms extended the due date for multiple personal and business tax payments covering two tax years, FTB asks that taxpayers not combine payments for different tax years and submit separate checks for each payment type (e.g., personal income tax and quarterly estimated payments.)

FTB is also reminding the public that a new law allows individual taxpayers a one-time cancellation of a penalty for filing or paying their taxes late. The relief applies to tax year 2022 and forward. FTB will begin accepting one-time penalty cancellation requests on October 17, 2023. Learn how to qualify for this relief here.