Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week:  January 18 - 19, 2022

Taking place over two days, January 18-19, Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week is a series of virtual meetings where CSEA Members will meet with members of the two key tax policy Committees, the Senate Governance and Finance and Assembly Revenue and Taxation, as well as the leaders in both the Assembly and Senate, to advocate for further PPP conformity and administrative fixes to AB 150.

The registration cost is $45 and all proceeds will directly benefit CSEA’s Legislative Action Fund.

After you login, you will see a brief overview of the schedule so far, and several other meetings will be scheduled in the coming weeks. All events will be held via Zoom.

When you register for the event, you will be asked to indicate which of the 15 meetings you would like to attend. After you have filled out the registration form, we will notify you which meeting(s) you have been scheduled to attend.