CSEA is Your Voice in California 

CSEA advocates for the rights of both Enrolled Agents and taxpayers before all state and legislative and regulatory agencies. With a seat on each of the following state tax agency advisory boards, CSEA is constantly advocating for sound tax policy for California Enrolled Agents. We represent members before the:

  • Franchise Tax Board (FTB) 
  • Board of Equalization (BOE) 
  • Office of Tax Appeals (OTA)
  • California Department of Tax & Fee Administration (CDTFA)
  • Employment Development Department's (EDD) Small Business Employee Advisory Council (SBEAC)
  • Secretary of State (SOS)

This, along with our close relationship with each of one these agencies, gives CSEA members an effective outlet to voice your concerns on the tax topics that matter to you. Find out more information about the state agencies and CSEA's involvement below.


Advocacy at the grassroots level requires member support.  Your TAC provides the foundation, the materials, and the message but we need members to deliver the message.  Check out our Grassroots Effective Advocacy Guide

It is important to have district visits with legislators to reinforce the importance of the Enrolled Agent credential, forge relationships that promote Enrolled Agents as a resource in taxes, and to increase awareness and garner support for issues that uphold fair administration of tax law.  In addition, you will be establishing yourself as a tax resource for your legislator and his constituents.  Bring those business cards to those district visits!


The decline in membership and participation has left many chapters without a legislative affairs (tax advocacy) committee.  CSEA is reaching out to chapters to determine how best we can assist the chapters with this very important function.  If you are interested in helping your chapter with legislative affairs (tax advocacy) please contact jcheng@csea.org for additional information.  

Links to State Legislature

Official California Legislative Information Websites (Schedule, bills, current law publications and more):


California Advocacy Articles and Updates 

FTB Last-Minute Filing Season Reminders 

   The October 16 deadline for most Californians to file and pay their 2022 taxes is next Monday, October 16.

The Value of Checking FTB Wait Times 

   One of the useful tools on the FTB website is the Wait Times page. This page includes a lot of information that can help manage your clients’ expectations or help you plan when to contact FTB.

The Long and Winding Road of Advocacy 

   Read how 2019-2020 CSEA President and long-time legislative affairs enthusiast Joyce Cheng, EA helped to implement longer holding period for EDD bank levies.

FTB Alert - Disaster Relief Does Not Automatically Allow Skipped Installment Agreement Payments 

   We know that IRS provides relief from installment agreement payments on past due balances during disaster relief periods. This is not true for FTB.

FTB 2022 Filing Season Tax Tips 

   As filing season opens, FTB is reminding taxpayers about AB 194, which gives FTB authority to grant California individual taxpayers a one-time penalty abatement.