Tax Research Assistance

Enrolled Agents possess in-depth knowledge of the tax code gained through extensive study and experience. Even with your experience and knowledge, there are times when you want to verify your memory, read the regulation, or just double check your answer. It’s part of providing the best service possible for your clients. You may also run into a unique tax situation from time to time that requires further investigation.

As you grapple with difficult tax questions, you have the benefit of drawing upon the expertise of Joe Calderaro, EA, CSEA’s Tax Resource Specialist. With more than 40 years of IRS examination collection and taxpayer service experience, Mr. Calderaro’s expertise will help you quickly remedy complicated tax problems. This helpful service is available to CSEA Members at the discounted cost of $40 per incident, and non-Members at the rate of $60 per incident. Contact the State Office at 916-366-6646 to take advantage of CSEA’s Tax Research Service.