CSEA Sends Healthcare Mandate Information to Legislature

During CSEA’s annual lobby day at the Capitol on January 6, CSEA Members brought up the impending healthcare mandate to inform legislators about the tax ramifications for those who don’t receive coverage. When taxpayers file their 2020 returns, they will be surprised by the substantial penalties and lack of options for obtaining coverage, so legislators should be aware of all penalties and potential remedies. As a result of those meetings, many legislators asked for a resource that would summarize the penalties and exemptions, among other issues, so that they could better educate themselves and their constituents. On Monday, January 26, Aaron Reed & Associates distributed an informational flyer composed by CSEA, containing information about the most salient provisions in the new mandate. This document was written in coordination with representatives at the Franchise Tax Board and may be informative for our Members as well.

Click here  to view the flyer.