CSEA Tracking Conformity Bill in Legislature

On January 21, Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee Chair Autumn Burke introduced AB 281, a bill with intent language that will serve as the starting point for legislative discussions regarding California’s conformity with federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) laws.
CSEA's advocacy team is currently tracking AB 281 and is waiting for further information before moving forward with any additional guidance. As always, we support full conformity. During their meetings with legislators as part of Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week, CSEA Members spoke in support of allowing small business that received PPP loans to deduct eligible expenses on their state taxes.
Since a majority of the movement on bills in the Legislature takes place while our Members are deep in tax season, our advocacy team stays vigilant tracking bills and alerting Members when action is needed on the issues that matter. We appreciate our Members’ concern over this pressing issue, and we will keep you apprised of any changes to AB 281 or subsequent calls-to-actions in support of the proposed legislation.
February 19 is the deadline for bills to be introduced in the California Legislature, after which we will release our full bill watch list. Also, watch for our forthcoming newsletter article outlining the bills that will be our legislative priorities for the year.