CSEA : No longer recognized by NAEA as their California Affiliate

CSEA Board Notified on August 27, 2019


President Joyce Cheng, EA


Dear CSEA Members,

There is much discussion concerning the recent decision of NAEA to disaffiliate from CSEA.  The following information is being placed here to provide one place for all members and interested parties to seek answers without distortion of the facts. 

NAEA made its decision after continuous communications between the two organizations spanning over more than two years and results from a fundamental difference in providing options to members.  There is no animosity between the two organizations.  There is no ill will on either side from leadership of the two organizations.  I remain a member and personally endorse NAEA for the excellent work it has done and will no doubt continue to do on behalf of Enrolled Agents nationwide.  CSEA will also continue to do its excellent work advocating for California Enrolled Agents.  Leadership from both organizations hope that all Enrolled Agents will maintain their memberships in both organizations as we each have our own unique benefits we provide to our members.  We support common goals for all Enrolled Agents.

CSEA is a Member-driven organization. We do not make decisions behind closed doors. Members were informed of NAEA developments regarding the dues increase, the mandate to sign the Affiliate agreement, and the precipitous decline in CSEA Membership, due, in part, to the dues increase.

  • There were three letters sent to the Members asking for feedback, with two invitations to statewide open forums to discuss the issues as they came up.
  • The Chapter leaders were requested to hold blunt Chapter meeting discussions about the Member's commitment to stay affiliated with CSEA.
  • The Members were informed that the consequences of repealing the dual membership would likely result in CSEA's expulsion from the National Association. They were strongly urged (by immediate past and present leadership) to appreciate the value and the responsibility of belonging to an association of 39 Affiliates who need each other.
  • Over the course of a year, CSEA had hundreds of verbal and written responses, many sent directly to our past president, Ms. Cynthia Leachmoore. Every Member had an opportunity to weigh in.

The Members were clear: a majority wanted a choice of dual membership, or they might not renew. The Board voted accordingly, but no one was gloating about it.

There has been speculation by misinformed people of what has led to CSEA’s financial challenges.  CSEA did not spend the past five years in profligate spending. The budget has been cut and cut again and again, to match declining revenues, while still meeting the service demands of 19 Chapters and more than 2,500 Members. CSEA continues to evaluate every program, and we are working collaboratively to put on pause or retire what is not serving the Membership with the resources we have at hand.  At the same time, we are investing in programs that our Members want and need in order to grow, and then retire from, successful practices, making lifelong friends along the way.

CSEA appreciates the time and consideration NAEA leadership invested in trying to make this work.

CSEA and NAEA each acted in the way they felt best served their membership. While the two organizations may be disaffiliated at this time, there are more than 2,000 CSEA Members who are still NAEA Members, many of them having special relationships with Members from all over the country.   Existing CSEA Members are asked to remember this as you engage in any discussions relative to this matter. As Enrolled Agents, CSEA and/or NAEA Members, we are all comrades in the same profession.